On-Grid SP104


SEDA SolarSchool Egypt 

Photovoltaic Grid connected (ON-Grid) Systems design Course


Date:  16 Sept. - 19 Sept  2017

Entry Requirements:

Participants need basic electrical knowledge (what is voltage, amperage, energy etc.)



This course will encompass sessions teach how to design and install a grid-connected PV system. This course will provide an overview of the three basic PV system applications, primarily focusing on grid-direct systems. The goal of the course is to create a fundamental understanding of the core concepts necessary to work with all PV systems, including: system components, site analysis, PV module criteria, mounting solutions, safety, and commissioning. The course will also cover the basics of sizing a residential grid-direct system, wire sizing, overcurrent protection, and grounding.


Main topics:

- Introduction to Renewable Energy

- Solar radiation and solar PV.

- Solar electricity and solar energy basics.

- Overview of the PV systems.

- Grid-tied system components:

- Photovoltaics, working theory, characteristics, operation, manufacturing and species.

- Grid-tied Inverter.

- Balance of components of the photoelectric systems (solar cable, structure, protection components, ground system, …etc).

- Exercise five experiments of PV cells on the training simulator unit.

- Site analysis.

- Egyptian code to connect to the network

- Design of Grid-tied photovoltaics system.

- Practical training on designing a tender for the solar power station.



Engineers, technicians, project developers, system providers, Independent Power Producers, grid operators


Who should attend 

  • Electrical / Mechanical Engineers
  • SOLAR Industry professionals
  • Facility managers
  • Developers Technical Engineers
  • Government agencies engineers
  • Electromechanical Consultants
  • Sustainability managers
  • Engineering Students
  • Suppliers to the construction industry
  • Project managers engieers



Duration:  4 Days |  9:00 am - 5:00pm    

Fee:   L.E.2,400 per person  


Location : 

 19th st. Ibrahim Salem - Ard El-Golf in front of Girls college - Heliopolis 

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