Solar Course SP102

SEDA SolarSchool Egypt 

Photovoltaic off-grid Systems Introductory Course


Date:  13 Jan. - 15 Jan 2015

Entry Requirements:

Participants need basic electrical knowledge (what is voltage, amperage, energy etc.)



The course provides the technical knowledge and understanding of off-grid solar power systems. The participants will get an introduction in the electro technical basics, the functionality of PV systems including a first introduction into dimensioning of small off-grid PV systems (<2000W).The participants will get an introduction in the components and functionality of off-grid PV systems and learn how to design small scale off-grid PV systems.


Course objective (Applicability):

The course enables its participants to select suitable off-grid solutions for a specific costumer need and to design small scale off-grid PV systems (<2000 W).


Main topics:

  • Overview of the worldwide renewable energy market, present situation, solar potential
  • Overview of photovoltaic (PV) systems (stand-alone, grid-tied, back-up, farms), influence of climatic, geographical and physical conditions onto the performance of PV systems (introduction).
  • Electro technical basics (series, parallel connection, current, voltage and their influence on yields, I-V-characteristic curve).
  • Components of off-grid PV system - photovoltaic modules, inverters, batteries, charge regulators, cables.
  • Introduction of off-grid PV systems (AC and DC).
  • Principles and basic design of DC systems .
  • Design of off-grid systems – Calculation example of DC systems.
  • Introduction in the Installation of off-grid systems. 



Students or professionals from the following fields: Heating and electrical contractors, energy consultants, engineers and architects, roofers and chimney sweep, marketing and administrative staff of photovoltaic companies and interested parties


Extra Benfit:

    • Insert in our trained Directory.

    • Invitation updates to any vacancy opening at SEDA members firms.
    • Access to the private discussion area with SEDA experts and members.



Duration:  3 Days |  9:30am - 5pm    

Fee: 1,550.00 L.E. per person  (Price Includes Lunch, coffee Breaks and documentation )


Location : The Greek Campus, (OLD AUC Libarary Building) Down Town, Cairo


Certified SEDA Solar School 


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